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Law Firm Placement

Massari & Darling LLC understands the pressure on law firms to hire the right talent who are capable of meeting the increasing demands of clients and partners to deliver high quality, cost-efficient legal services. The best talent most often wins and clients know it. A firm’s ability to keep the important firm client and attract new business ties directly to the quality of lawyers on the team, whether the partner working directly with the client or the young associate ensuring that the right issues are brought up in diligence or document review. We are revolutionizing legal search for the benefit of our clients using our M&D Elite Performance Screening System™, a unique system that draws on a synthesis of significant findings in performance, strengths, and personality research applied to legal service.

Why work with Massari & Darling LLC?

Hiring game changing talent.

Game changing talent, whether at the partner or associate level, is usually not looking for their next opportunity. In addition, the most talented attorneys are often not comfortable placing their names and resumes in the mega databases of many of our competitors or talking to recruiters at larger recruiting companies. While many review thousands of lawyers from their databases, our talent pool is comprised of only the needles in the haystack. The best talent is most often found through trusted personal and professional contacts established over years of college, law school, practicing law as colleagues, and being in the same professional circles. They want to feel comfortable working with a firm that will uphold their relationship with the highest confidentiality.

Hiring talent that fits your hiring criteria and firm culture—the first time

There is more to identifying the best fit for your firm than just a resume. While your hiring criteria remains our top priority, we pride ourselves on understanding what your firm and office need. We will find candidates who are a fit both on paper and in person. We work with each law firm office and recruiter individually and concentrate on the needs of the firm and office, identifying only those candidates selected after a thorough screening using our proprietary M&D Elite Performance Screening System™ to fit the hiring criteria and culture of the firm and office. Furthermore, we use our backgrounds as former law firm recruiters, attorneys and members of large law firm hiring committees to ensure that you get the right talent the first time.

We save time and money

We understand the time constraints on law firm recruiting departments. Law firm recruiters are often balancing several different openings and manage other firm responsibilities. We want to help take that large stack of resumes of mostly unqualified candidates and hand you a list of two to four well qualified, pre-screened associates using our proprietary M&D Elite Performance Screening System™. We want to cut your hiring time in half and put your mind at ease that you have hired the best.

An enjoyable and professional experience

As a highly selective firm serving only the best talent and companies, our business is built on word of mouth and jobs well done. We ensure that in carrying out our services you will be treated as an important individual and not a number, that your phone calls and messages will be returned immediately, and that you will be frequently apprised of the status of your search.

Who we work with

We assist in the placement of all law firm positions where we believe our backgrounds and expertise provide the company with a significant advantage in finding the right talent. These positions often include practice groups, partners, senior associates, highly talented mid-level associates, and experienced junior associates.

We generally find that most of our searches are with top national and regional law firms that desire to obtain the best talent.

Personal. Confidential. Professional. Massari & Darling LLC.