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In-House Placements

Massari & Darling LLC understands the time constraints of executives, in-house teams and human resource professionals. We know you need the best legal talent on the first placement. We are revolutionizing legal search for the benefit of our clients using our M&D Elite Performance Screening System™ developed by our PhD and certified Executive Coach.


Why work with Massari & Darling?

Access to game changing talent

Game changing talent is usually not looking for their next opportunity. In addition, the most talented attorneys are often not comfortable placing their names and resumes in the mega databases of many of our competitors or talking to recruiters at larger recruiting companies. While many review thousands of lawyers from their databases, our talent pool is comprised of only the needles in the haystack. The best talent is most often found through trusted personal and professional contacts established over years of college, law school, practicing law as colleagues, and being in the same professional circles. They want to feel comfortable working with a firm that will uphold their relationship with the highest confidentiality.

Talent that fits your company culture and desired capabilities—the first time

There is little more frustrating for a company than hiring a placement firm and getting waves of resumes that either do not fit the capabilities requested or the candidates presented are not a “fit” for the company culture. Worse yet is hiring a senior leader and/or attorney and discovering that the “fit” was wrong promptly following the hiring.
We commence our placement search after gaining a thorough understanding of your job specifications and company values and practices. Our goal is to present you with a final candidate selection of two to four attorneys who would be outstanding in the job and would fit perfectly within your company culture—talent that is highly accretive to your business. We screen all candidates using our proprietary M&D Elite Performance Screening System™.

Focus on what matters—Running a successful business

Hiring legal talent happens infrequently unless you are a very sizeable corporation. Thus, the time, resources and guesswork that go into hiring an attorney are substantial. There is significantly more risk for the company hiring legal talent than other more routinely placed positions where the company or Human Resources department has greater expertise. We have extensive experience supervising and staffing legal teams at both public and private companies and will ensure that your company benefits from our experience so that you get the best talent the first time and your team is able to focus on running a successful business. Let us do what we believe we do better than anyone else, so that you can focus on what you do better than anyone else.

An enjoyable and professional experience

As a highly selective firm serving only the best talent and companies, our business is built on word of mouth and jobs well done. We ensure that in carrying out our services you will be treated as an important individual and not a number, that your phone calls and messages will be returned immediately, and that you will be frequently apprised of the status of your search.

Who we work with

We assist in the placement of in-house legal positions where we believe our backgrounds and expertise provide the company with a significant advantage in finding the right talent. These positions often include Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel, Deputy General Counsel, Assistant/Associate General Counsel and Corporate/Compliance/Litigation/IP Counsel.
We work with clients ranging from large private clients and clients looking for their first lawyer to assist in the IPO process to seasoned public companies looking for game changing talent at the executive level.

Personal. Confidential. Professional. Massari & Darling LLC.