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Individual Services

Massari & Darling LLC understands the time constraints and pressure on law firm professionals. One of our founders was formerly an attorney at an AMLaw 50 law firm, General Counsel at an NYSE company, Corporate Counsel at an NYSE company and Managing Director of a bulge bracket investment bank. We understand your schedule, pressures and need for confidentiality. We are a selective legal placement firm. We only work with individuals who we believe we can successfully help explore enhanced career opportunities. These individuals oftentimes are from top colleges and law schools, have worked at elite law firms, have performed judicial clerkships and at the senior associate and partner level have substantial books of business. They also have personalities and personal traits that make them excellent leaders.

If you believe you fit this criteria and desire to explore enhanced career opportunities, we believe we are uniquely situated to serve your needs.


360-Degree View

Our founders’ backgrounds uniquely situate us to understand your needs and desires, as well as provide us a deep understanding of law firm and in-house hiring practices.

Selective practice

Unlike many of our competitors who log the resumes of thousands of lawyers into mega databases, we only work with highly desirable and selective attorneys who can provide game changing talent to prospective employers. Because we focus our practice, you are a person and not a number. Our selective practice also provides us greater levels of confidentiality than larger or less professional placement firms that place resumes into databases accessible to hundreds of recruiters who do not have an individual relationship with you.

Relationships with leading firms and companies

As a result of our backgrounds as former colleagues to recruiters at leading law firms and lawyers/executives at companies, we are trusted and have deep relationships with decision makers. These relationships benefit the candidate who will be presented with great opportunities, and who will rise to the top of the candidate pool as soon as we present you.

Interview and placement coaching

We work with our individual clients to ensure they are prepared for interviews, understand the culture of the opportunity and know the background of their interviewers. We help you prepare for game day. We also work with an in-house PhD who is also a Certified Personal Coach to ensure you are ready for your interviews and prepared for the next step in your career.

Access to our proprietary M&D Elite Performance Screening System™

We are revolutionizing legal search screening and placement through the use of our M&D Elite Performance Screening System™, a unique system that draws on a synthesis of significant findings in performance, strengths, and personality research applied to legal service.

An enjoyable and professional experience

As a highly selective firm serving only the best talent and companies, our business is built on word of mouth and jobs well done. We ensure that in carrying out our services you will be treated as an important individual and not a number, that your phone calls and messages will be returned immediately, and that you will be frequently apprised of the status of your search.

Personal. Confidential. Professional. Massari & Darling LLC.